Craft Helps You Navigate Through Anxiety.

Those past few weeks have been intense and nothing like anything any of us has ever experienced. Planning seems impossible, even in the course of 24 hours everything is shifting so quickly, it is hard to keep track of it. On top of that, fake news about COVID-19 are spreading, and it can be difficult to understand the motive of the people starting those messages.

As we all know the best thing to do right now is to stay at home. Whether you work from home or not, craft can help you calm down, and it eases your mind in these weird times we're living in!

Craft was first introduced as therapy in the 1950s, to treat WW2 soldiers suffering from PTST. Nowadays, it is more relevant than ever! And it's no coincidence that companies like Wool and the Gang, or We Are Knitters, who are selling knitting and crochet kits, are thriving. Crafts are giving a sense of self achievement working on a laptop hardly provides. It increases cognitive skills, improves memory and body coordination. For us, watching Netflix or checking Instagram is common, but for our grandmothers and their mothers, embroidery and other crafts were a way of spending time with neighbours and friends. Stitching was their way to exchange news, skills and experiences. So in those times of self-isolation, instead of spending your whole day on screens, why not pick up a new, instantly rewarding skill?

Craft is something we (Julie, Olivia, and Anna) value and think that is one of the few things fashion should keep intact going forward. A few months back, as we were doing local markets, we acquired embroidery kits from Anna's relative. We think now is the right time to present them to you. As a fashion company, we want our customers to feel safe, away from anxiety, and if those kits can help, then we'll let you know about them!

Almost all of them contain a guidance. It usually always is the same stitch all along the way, you just have to follow the colours (it's kind of like colouring, but with thread). If you get a kit without instructions, we're here! To message, and video chat if you need help, we have the time to teach you everything. You can have a look at those kits on our Instagram, and order them through Direct Message. They also are available on Depop!

Keep safe xxx

Julie, Olivia, and Anna.

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