Becoming a Social Enterprise.

Hi there! Happy New Year! We haven't been really active on our blog page lately, because so much happened and we felt like talking about it on social media was a better way to reach you! However, we wanted to explain our plan for the next few months, and why we decided to start our transition to becoming a social enterprise, and because it is a longer format, the blog seemed more appropriate. So, let's get started!

What are we right now? Atm, we are a limited company. Limited companies can be social enterprises, but it's not the best structure to do so.

Why change? Our model changed since we moved in our Leyton studios, and instead of having to go to charity shops to get pre-loved clothes, people are directly coming to us with entire bags of garments! Being located in a place like Market Parade allowed us to be connected to the local community, and we realised that in the area, many women, who are currently living on benefits, do so because they can't find a job that is flexible enough to fit around their duties as mums. Those women want to work, to be in a space where they are not wives or mothers, just themselves. So we want to train and employ them, offer them flexible working hours. Right now, Gulzarine (see pic below) is joining us a few hours a week for training, and very soon, we hope to hire her as a permanent member of the team!

What happens next?

The next steps for us are:

- Switch our current status to a more suitable one for a social enterprise: the admin, the slightly boring but the necessary step! - Make a proper plan for our training project: how many women could be eligible, how much money we need to raise to bring this project to life,... - Apply for funding, and fingers crossed!

We'll keep you posted regarding the progression of our project. In the meantime, you can follow our social media pages! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Do you happen to know funding opportunities we could apply for? Email us at:


Julie, Olivia and Anna.

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