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JOA.LOCAL LTD is registered in England under the company registration number 11961534. 
Office address: 169a Rushmore Road, E50HA London, United Kingdom. 

The Sylvester

The Denim Color Block - S

The Eye Of The Tiger - XS


before and after


JOA takes clothes that nobody wants, wash them, cuts them up and remakes them into bomber jackets. 90% of those clothes have only been worn 3 times. Without us the clothes would be on a long journey through Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia, eventually they would just end up in landfill, incredibly slowly rotting away, damaging our environment even more. 80% of all clothes end up in landfill globally.










As each jacket is made from used clothes or leftover fabrics aka preloved material our production process is completely different to any other brand:  


We have our bomber shape, this shape is the same for each and every jacket (of course we have different sizes tho) and then in the first step of our production the clothes are cut up and we patchwork them back together into our shape. So this gives endless possibilities for fabric combinations, styles, and designs.


For the first time in forever design and production go hand in hand, each jacket is designed individually. The jackets we make naturally reflect the community we get the clothes from. So at the moment this is a true London collection with all its diversity.













Lone Design Club Shoreditch

16.12.2019 - 22.12.2019

Lone Design Club Bristol

11.12.2019 - 19.12.2019

Lone Design Club Covent Garden

16.12.2019 - 22.12.2019

10.02.2020 - 23.02.2020

Covent Garden

We believe that fashion is here to make all our lives better from maker to wearer. This is why we want to bring production and craftsmanship back to the UK.


As a social enterprise our aim is to change the fashion paradigm, this is why we are developing a production environment in which we train mothers in need of work to be part of our production chain, we offer them flexible working hours and pay them London Living Wages. The mothers start through a volunteering program and are recommended by local community centers.


We are closely connected to our Borough!











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JOA stands for Julie, Olivia and Anna, who met while studying the master's course Fashion Futures at London College of Fashion. One evening at a uni event Anna and Olivia were sitting next to each other listening to a talk about start-ups. Inspired the two of them suddenly decided to make jackets, but they knew they needed someone with business know how in the team, and without hesitation, they turned to the row behind them and they knew it had to be Julie, so 5 min later she was already convinced to join. This is how our journey started. We still had pretty much our whole masters in front of us and were working on JOA at the same time. After graduating we won the Student Enterprise Award 2019, for our business and design idea.


Julie has a background in business and marketing. She is specialised in the business of fashion for sustainability. Coming from the south of France made her an advocate for localism and independent business.


Olivia is a designer working with different pattern-cutting techniques that imagine a new ways to dress and change society. She has a passion for making and loves creating her own production cycles, and teaches sewing skills.


Anna is a designer specialised in reusing textile to avoid waste like for example upcycling. Her eye for material pairing is unbeatable and in a similar manner, she is the one bringing all kinds of collaborations to life.



You can reach Julie, Olivia and Anna via hello@joalocal.com






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